It was once a firm favourite in any Asian household and car. But could the ‘gold tissue box’ be making a comeback?

Penny Profits based in Blackburn sell a range of traditional and familiar Asian utensils and products including Asian style pots and chappati baskets.

The shop recently acquired a batch of gold tissue boxes in different colours.

As well as the familiar gold, these boxes in velvet now come in a range of different colours encrusted with 'diamonds'.

Asian Image:

Many people growing up in the seventies and eighties may recollect seeing one of these in the back of their vehicle or placed in the middle of a dining table.

They were so popular they are mentioned in this famous 'Goodness Gracious Me' sketch.

Imran from Penny Profit told us, “Both styles of tissue boxes are made in India and have returned to the market after a good few years.  

"Nostalgically seen in the back of a BMW or Nissan these tissue boxes are resurfacing for the dining table of today's generation.”

Asian Image:

They are described as such, “This popular royal looking tissue box is common to use in family gatherings. Covered in a velvet material and embraced in a gold or silver plastic floral frame, this decorative tissue box can hold a standard rectangular box of domestic tissues.”