UPWARDS of 1,000 people, ranging from toddlers to the eldest generation, have attended at protest this afternoon over tensions in Kashmir.

The gathering was held in protest of India's treatment of the disputed area of Kashmir, which have come to a head in recent weeks.

Crowds gathered in Centenary Square for the protest, with hundreds of Kashmiri flags flying and people holding a range of placards.

Some called for freedom in Kashmir, others condemned violence against civilians and alleged sexual violence committed by Indian soldiers.

Some also compared the Indian Army to the Nazi SS military force and also called Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi a terrorist and compared him to Hitler.

Speakers passionately spoke over a public address system to the crowd, calling for freedom for Kashmir, a stop to killings and condemning the actions of India.

Three weeks ago India removed Kashmir's partial autonomy which prompted widespread criticism, and since there has been a communications blackout in the region and political leaders and members of the public in the area have been arrested.

There have also been a number of reports of people being injured by military forces, and shortages in medical supplies.

Kashmir has been a hotly disputed territory since Partition, with both Pakistan and India claiming the whole mountainous region as their own. They each rule over a part of the Kashmir area.

Under Article 370 of the Indian constitution Kashmir was granted partial autonomy, but this was controversially revoked at the start of this month.

A large section of Bradford's British-Pakistani community's ancestors hail from the Kashmir region, and the issue remains a massively important topic to British-Pakistanis.