A HINDU celebration honoured the armed and emergency services that keep us safe.

Hindu and non-Hindu members of the army, firefighters, paramedics and police officers joined the Rakshabandhan festivities at Swindon's Hindu Temple.

Chairman Pradeep Bhardwaj said: "It celebrates the duty of care, the obligation to serve those in need, and the relationships we hold dear to one another irrespective of the differences.

"The centre organised this as a celebration of these values exemplified by our armed forces and emergency services personnel who step out every day to serve and protect the lives of citizens.

"The work of these people stands out as beacons of hope for us all, for the good in our societies, and as role models for generations to follow.”

Rakhi, the bond of protection, tied around the wrists of serving personnel represents not just the promise to protect and serve the community but also the gratitude from the community to appreciate the selfless work they do.

Ashish Channawar said: “There’s a common thread that runs through the stories highlighting Hindu principles and values, which is the triumph of good over evil and the requirement that every one of us ensures that good prevails.

"The link between that and what the UK armed forces do is abundantly clear, and that’s why it’s important we have events like this – to have effective engagement between the Hindu community and the armed forces. It’s about recognising the shared values.”