Inspire Motivate Overcome (IMO) have announced the launch of the new 'Carrom and Chat' Programme for Men aged 18 and over. 

The aim of this project is to reduce the numbers of suicides in middle-aged men and to contribute to the overall reduction in suicide rates by 10% by 2021.

It will allow local residents to meet regularly in a comfortable, safe, local and open community setting, to engage with one another, find common ground, meet new people or simply have a natter.

This opportunity will also allow for regular meetups with a competitive edge and for local residents to hang out and show off their skills to each other. 

It will also bring some healthy competition for older established players, who will put their skills to the test against some of the newer up and coming youngsters in this well enjoyed sport.

Research suggests that coming together within your community with local residents you are comfortable with, allows for open discussions to take place and creates a sense of belonging and feeling safe in the environment, which can also contribute to opening up conversations which are normally more difficult to have. 

A competition will be held at the end of each programme with a larger competition for all programme participants to compete in. Achievements will be recognised with trophies and a celebration. 

IMO is grateful to Healthier Lancashire & South Cumbria, Suicide Prevention Innovation Fund, for funding this project. 

To express your interest and register click here