Presenter and host Neetal Parekh has launched a new YouTube channel aiming to create more awareness of Hindu customs and also challenge widely held views about the religion.

Neetal said the new initiative - 'The Hinduscovery Channel' - came after years of trying to find that perfect project.

She said, "As most of you know I am fascinated with the Hindu Dharma, everything about the Hindu faith excites and compels me to think about how every single ritual has such deep rooted sentiments and meanings behind it."

Neetal who is also a teacher said like many people she participated in many pujas, rituals, festivals without truly understanding why she was doing them. 

"One day one of my students casually asked me: ‘why do Hindus have so many festivals that involve another thousand rites and rituals’, he looked rather annoyed to be honest!.

"The question for some reason hit me hard, I mean I always have an answer for everything (usually prolific answers may I add!) however I was stumped, I didn’t have an answer.

"I then went and did the obvious…Yep you got it; I asked my parents, grandmother, masa etc and the answer as always was: ‘We just do!’ 

"Thereafter, I decided to actually try and make an effort to understand some of the key Hindu Rites and Rituals myself and THIS is where the story of ‘Hindusovery’ unfolds.

"In this journey of understanding some of the key Hindu rites and rituals I have very genuinely developed immense pride for my faith and discovered why these very Hindu Rites and Ritual remain just as powerful and profound today as they did thousands of years ago."

She added, "I recently read that our great sages (Rishi Munis) were experts in Human Psychology therefore rites, rituals and festivals were created to compel people to come together to celebrate, unite, share food, unite communities and society in order to eradicate loneliness, depression and isolation. 

"It is fair to say rather than the quintessential demons we read about in the Ramamyana or Great Mahabharata; the demons have now manifested themselves in the form of depression, anxiety, loneliness and isolation and that is exactly why these thousands of festivals, rites and rituals within Hinduism have become invisible shields that aim to fight these new age demons.

Neetal said she had carefully taken into consideration the demographics of her audience and have therefore kept each video engaging, creative and authentic. "This medium of social media will ensure interaction between me and my audience is constant allowing ‘real’ conversation with a ‘friend’ who is just as curious as them."