TWO brothers accused of murdering Mohammed Feazan Ayaz have had the charges against them dropped.

Ferrekh Ejaz, 30, and Haamed Akmel Ejaz, 28, both of Tower Road, Hirst Wood, Shipley, had the cases against them dismissed at Bradford Crown Court this morning.

Mr Ayaz’s body was found in Saffron Drive, Allerton, Bradford, in the early hours of Monday, July 1.

Richard Wright QC, for the Crown, said the notice of discontinuance would be sent to the court, the men’s solicitors and the prison governors.

Mr Wright said the prosecution had reviewed the available evidence and did not consider that there was enough to justify continuing with their cases.

He said the brothers should be released from remand in jail as soon as possible.

The Recorder of Bradford, Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC, told them: “You are released from the dock, gentlemen. Thank you so much.”

When the brothers had left the dock, the seven defendants still facing charges in connection with the alleged murder appeared before the court for a plea and trial preparation hearing.

The men facing trial for murder are: Suleman Khan, 20, of Sandford Road, Bradford Moor, Bradford; Robert Wainwright, 26, of Mannville Terrace, Bradford city centre; Junaid Hussain, 27, of Silverhill Road, Bradford Moor; Raheel Khan, 27, of no fixed address; and Stephen Queeney, 34, of Bolton Road, Bolton, Bradford.

All five are charged with murdering Mr Ayaz at Unit 2, Denholme Business Centre, Halifax Road, Denholme, between June 30 and July 1.

Two defendants are charged with assisting an offender on July 1 by participating in the movement of Mr Ayaz’s body from the Denholme Business Centre to Saffron Drive with intent to impede the apprehension or prosecution of others who had committed the offence of murder, knowing or believing the others to be guilty of the offence, or some other offence which carries a term of imprisonment of five years or more.

They are Shaoib Shafiq, 19, of Gladstone Street, Bradford Moor, and a 16-year-old boy who cannot be named for legal reasons.

Mr Wright said the seven defendants were the total number that the Crown anticipated would be tried in January.

“It will be a seven-handed case that will last at least six weeks, and up to eight weeks,” he told the court.

By October, the prosecution expected to have served all its evidence, including that of expert witnesses, Mr Wright stated.

A further case management hearing was set for Friday, October 4.

Judge Durham Hall ordered that all defence statements are served by 4pm that day, along with a final list of prosecution witnesses.

Mr Wright said the trial, in front of a High Court judge, was scheduled to begin on January 14, but the jury may be sworn in a few days before.

Judge Durham Hall said the case would be tried in the largest courtroom at Bradford Crown Court that had a secure dock.

All the defendants were remanded back into custody, except the boy who is in the care of the local authority.