A video showing two women being searched at an Asda store has been shared across social media.

The women who are wearing the Abaya and head scarves allegedly tried to steal products from the Dagenham Asda store. Staff can be seen asking them to remove the items from under their robes.

Once the items have been removed one woman decides to lift her robe up to show there are no more items.

Many are claiming the the suspects were 'pretending' to be Muslim to commit the crime.

In a statement a spokesperson for Asda said, 'We do not tolerate any form of shoplifting and work hard to deter shoplifters from our stores.

"All cases of attempted theft are taken seriously and we always work closely with the local police force in the communities we serve.

"We are in contact with Dagenham Police about this incident and would like to thank colleagues at our Dagenham store for their quick intervention and response in this case."