A group of cyclists travelling to the Hajj have arrived in Saudi Arabia.

The team who have been keeping followers updated on their journey posted, "Subhan’Allah, the journey is finally complete! What an emotional journey it was, our final ride and the team could not hold back their tears."

They added, "Hajj begins next week and we touched down Masjid Nabawwi just after Magreb! Unfortunately we were not allowed to film our entry into the masjid - but the hospitality we received today was incredible. Huge thanks to the Saudi Ministry for looking after us."

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The journey of over 4000 miles took in 17 countries with the cyclists completing on average75 miles a day. The group of eight made of volunteers from Slough and Blackburn had set off after Eid in June to raise money for charity.

Along the way they have met people from all walks of life from a group of migrants heading across Europe on foot to the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The Tour De Hajj (TDH) challenge for Penny Appeal from London to Makkah was hoping to raise tens of thousands for charity. The money raised will fund a model village consisting of schools, places of worship and a water well in four countries - Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Uganda.