During my visit to Italy I visited Milan, Venice and finally Rome. It was a 4-hour journey from Venice St Lucia to Roma Termini. 

Unlike the train from Venice, this one left on time and had charging ports. We came straight to our Airbnb and chilled there for the rest of the evening, briefly going out for dinner and appreciating the beautiful streets of Rome.

The apartment in Venice was nowhere near as nice or as clean as the hotel in Milan or the apartment in Venice, but the location (Via Frangipane) was amazing seeing as we were less than a minute walk from the Colosseum.

On our second day we saw the Colosseum, which is a Wonder of the Modern World, the Spanish Steps and the Piazza di Spagna at its base.

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We also saw some incredible architecture; the Pantheon, which is a highly influential and the most preserved building of ancient Rome, as well as the Altar of the Fatherland, a magnificent structure to honour the first king of a unified Italy, Victor Emmanuel.
Then we headed to Vatican City. 

Book your tickets online, which allows visitors to see the Sistine Chapel and other parts of the Vatican museums, as well as the St peter’s Basilica. 

To see the Basilica without queuing, tourists must pay extra, but since we went quite early in the day (around 12:30) and there were shorter queues, we only booked the admission ticket. Getting to Vatican City meant that we had to take a metro, and other than getting to the airport, this was the only time we used it. 

It costs €1.50 for a one-way ticket and €7.00 for a 24-hour ticket. There was no option of a return, so we just purchased one-way tickets there and back, costing us only €3.
The Vatican museums were ornate with intricately decorated ceilings, especially the Sistine Chapel.

The Basilica was huge and even more intricate if that’s possible, with marble pillars and flooring and stunning ceiling art.

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On our final day we went to see the iconic Trevi fountain and did our souvenir shopping in the nearby area. It was a nice end to our Italian detour from Amman before coming home.

We knew it would be a long walk to our closest metro stop with all of our luggage on the Roman cobbled pathways, so we woke up at 5 am. The metro starts at 5:30 am, so we made it in time for the first train. The metro took us to the bus station to catch the 6:30 bus to Roma Ciampino Airport, which we booked in advance at around €6 each.

Although I struggled slightly with the food (as delicious as the pizzas, pasta and ice cream were) because of the lack of Halal options, Italy was one of the most beautiful countries I’ve visited and I’ve barely scratched the surface.
Until the next one, Ya’tik Al Aafiya

Ayeha Patel is a Manchester based Travel writer and blogger You can follow her on Instagram @ayeshaabroad