It has been a while since we had a sketch show written and starring Asian actors. But we have now in the form of ‘Muzlamic’.

Muzlamic is a brand new sketch show from Ali Shahalom (better known to many as Ali Official) and Aatif Nawaz.

The first episode is available to watch on BBC THREE now and here is what we thought.

One of the overwhelming issues some writers face is trying to find a balance between what is really funny to an ‘Asian’ audience and what might attract the mainstream audience.

Few series have managed to do both in recent years – maybe Man Like Mobeen is the stand out show. 

What we like about Muzlamic it actually doesn’t care too much about who to please despite it being named 'Muzlamic'.

It is two guys who are genuinely funny and charming and are bringing us some fresh new characters and some great little sketches.

The episode begins with two travellers held at border control who seem to well prepared for the all the familiar questions they are going to be asked. 

We move on to the Barber with ‘thousands of social media followers’ who in a bizarre (and maybe a bit dark and twisted actually) moment manages to suffocate his customer with a hot towel.

Asian Image:

The Mo Salah auditions segment highlights how it isn't always easy for minority actors to get the roles they actually should.

The crowning glory have to the brown guys who want to prove to each other how white they are. From the moment they meet each wants to outdo the other.

 “I don’t know what possessed you to get a job in Stevenage,” Sam (aka Samir) is told, “but those people out there are my white people’.

And so the battle begins

‘I’m so white I call my parents by my first name’ to ‘I'm so white my dog licks my face’.

And so it continues and the new guy Sam always manages to out do Mo with his ‘whiteness’.

This is until Mo exclaims, ‘Yeah, but I don’t even wash my bum’. Yes, that is likely to shut anyone up.

A new generation of Asian comedians are making their name on mainstream channels and ‘Muzlamic’ is amongst them.

It has taken a while for the BBC and television in general to realise theere is whole array of talent online especially when it came to Muslim and Asian shows. 

Some might say this show comes at the right time. I say it was long long overdue.

You can watch the first episode of Muzlamic here