The  film maker behind a documentary which detailed the horrors faced by women in the 1971 Bangladesh war of independence has spoken of making the feature.

'Rising Silence', a 75-minute feature by actor and writer Leesa Gazi. follows nine Birangona women, as they describe the unspeakable horrors inflicted on them during the Bangladeshi Liberation War in 1971. 

TRT World Correspondent Shamim Chowdhury sat down with Gazi to talk about why she pursued this story, how these strong-willed women dealt with being left to their fate and why nothing managed to dampen their spirits.

In 1971, between 200,000 and 400,000 Bengali women were raped and tortured by the Pakistani army and its local collaborators. For years afterwards, their voices were silenced. 

In her documentary, Rising Silence, these ‘birongana’ or brave women, are given the chance to tell their stories in their own words. 

The film won the best documentary award at this year's Dhaka International Film Festival.