A group cycling to the Hajj have met Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

They reached Turkey this week and were pictured with Erdoğan today.

The team which is made up volunteers from Slough and Blackburn posted, "Alhumdulillah, we just met the president of Turkey at his palace! Great to have @RTErdogan supporting us!"

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The team crossed into Turkey this week and on to Istanbul having passed the half way mark of the monumental journey on two wheels.

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The Tour De Hajj (TDH) challenge for Penny Appeal from London to Makkah is hoping to raise tens of thousands for charity. The money raised will fund a model village consisting of schools, places of worship and a water well in four countries - Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Uganda.

The group of eight set off after Eid and set to arrive in Madinah on 2 August.

The journey over 4000 miles will take in 17 countries with the cyclists hoping to complete 75 miles a day.

Earlier this week we posted images and videos from their astounding journey here.


All images and videos courtesy @TourdeHajj