The mother of the man found dead in Saffron Drive, Allerton, has told the Telegraph & Argus how it felt like his death had “killed the whole family”.

Mohammed Feazan Ayaz, of Duckworth Grove, Manningham, was found dead in the street on July 1, aged 20.

The eldest son of Fayeeda Hussain, with three brothers and one sister, his grieving mother described how the life has been sucked out of their quiet, well kept terraced house with his death.

Mrs Hussain, 42, moved to Bradford from Oldham with Feazan when he was very young.

Speaking exclusively to the T&A, she said: “He was really caring, he was like a best friend to me.

“I could share anything with him and he would come home and tell me everything..

“He was a lovely son of mine who cared for everyone. We had our ups and downs but it never lasted for more than two minutes.

“He would go out and come back and we would be messing about, he would start kissing and hugging me and winding me up, he was like a big baby at home. He couldn’t do anything without me.

“He was a joker, jolly, always laughing and messing about. He was a person with a good heart and would do literally anything for anyone.”

She said the family home would never be the same without her eldest.

“He will leave a huge gap, no one will fill that hole in our family.

“When I found out he had died, it was like someone had taken my life. I am sat here, but I am not here. I am sat here for my children’s sake, but inside I’m in pieces.

“I do not want any mother to have to go through the pain that I have.

“It’s not just Feazan, this has killed all six of us. My house will never be the same without him.

“I have to stay strong for my children because they are all grieving at the same time in their own ways.

“They are a lot quieter than him, with Feazan it was like my house was filled, and now he had gone it is silent.

“He wanted to see his siblings grow up and settle down, he had big ambitions for them and his life revolved around that and his family, it was never about himself.

“Our neighbours are all heartbroken; my street was full of joy before, and now he is gone the street is lost.

“The neighbourhood have rallied round and have been really supportive, and friends have been there for me too.”

Feazan worked locally in shops and takeaways, after being schooled at Lilycroft Primary School and Belle Vue Boys School.

His brother Harris Ayaz is just 11 months his junior, and said they were just like twins.

He said: “I was upset when I heard about his death, I don’t know why anyone would want to hurt him.

“We will miss having him around, it has been really hard but we are pulling each other through as a family.”

Zohaib Khan, 11, is Feazan’s youngest brother and his “gaming partner”.

Zohaib added: “We had a really strong relationship, if I ever needed advice I would go to him and he would tell me what to do.

“He was like a father figure for me, I and going to miss him lots. We loved playing games together, and he would teach me new things everyday.”

Following Feazan’s death, police launched a murder investigation, and a number of people were arrested in connection to the enquiry.

As of Friday, five people had been charged with murder and had appeared in court, along with two other people for assisting an offender.

Junaid Hussain, 27, of Silverhill Road, Bradford Moor, Raheel Khan, 27, of no fixed address, Suleman Khan, 20, of Sandford Road, Bradford Moor, Farekh Ejaz, 30, of Tower Road, Shipley, and Robert Wainwright, 26, of no fixed address, have all been charged with murder.

Shaoib Shafiq, 19, of Gladstone Street, Bradford Moor, and a 16-year-old Bradford youth, who cannot be named because of his age, have been jointly charged with assisting an offender.

When she heard of the arrests, Mrs Hussain said she was shocked.

Mrs Hussain added: “The arrests have shocked me, I don’t recognise any of their names.

“He was a person who would not bring his outside stress into the home. He was a joker as soon as he came through the door.”

Funeral details for Feazan have yet to be confirmed by the family.