AMIR Khan and his wife Faryal Makhdoom splashed out £75,000 on a party for their daughter’s first birthday.

Around 250 people attended the lavish rainforest-themed bash for Alayna’s first birthday.

Arriving at the University of Bolton Stadium, guests were greeted by jungle-themed banners, which read: ‘Alayna’s Jungle’, ‘Do not feed the lions’, ‘Beware of the alligators’ and ‘Watch out!’.

The main hall was complete with statues of tropical animals, vibrant bushes and a glossy jungle-print dancefloor.

Women dressed in animal-style catsuits also danced for guests.

Faryal, speaking on Loose Women yesterday, explained why she had gone to so much effort.

She said: “I did one for my older daughter Lamaisah which was more princess-y and Alayna’s more crazy and an animal lover so I went for a rainforest theme.

“I got loads of monkeys, gorillas, birds hanging down, lots of leaves and flowers. We just wanted to do something different..

“I don’t think I would do another one now until they get married or she’s 16-years-old but I feel like I’ve done my bit. My husband was really supportive of me too.

“I think we work so hard and every penny we earn is for our children so I just wanted to do a big first birthday and them remember as they grow up that their mum and dad threw them a wonderful day.”

Faryal revealed she has also received some backlash from people who think the party was a bit too extravagant.

She added: “I did get some critics. I got people saying ‘what about people who can’t afford to do it’ or telling me they won’t remember it. I do think you do it up to your budget.

“I’m Pakistani and Pakistanis and Indians have big celebrations, so culturally it felt like something I would do as well.

“Also, I think if I had a smaller one people would say Amir Khan and Faryal could have had a bigger one. But it was for my family, my friends, it was a celebration for me too."