From captions to emoji’s- social media is having a hugely adverse affect on how we conduct ourselves. And this no more evident than in the Asian community.

Many people have more friends on social media than they have in real life.

The responsibility to maintain snap/Instagram ‘clout’ has impacted our daily lives by the constant uploads of our anda (egg) bread in the morning to the evening namaaz (prayer).

When you try think about the purpose of taking a picture it is difficult to articulate a justifiable ‘why’. Is the purpose of the snap; to show off to friends; to feel accepted; prestige or to keep up with the bashir’s?

More so, why are we so accommodating of individuals who are haraames (there is no other word to describe them) on Instagram and then molvi’s (preachers) in real life or vice versa?

Social media has created content which is usually submerged into the data gathering web, without much retention by the night-time thumb-scroller.

The reach of social media allows ‘King Imran BB1’ to show no ‘sharum’ towards ‘pretty patient Patel’ because they live 300 miles away from one another.

This also provides the security of living a bipolar life because you are communicating to a social media stakeholder who has no voice in your local community. I’ve seen this a lot, the introvert in social gatherings is placed in front of a keyboard and screen and ‘boom!’ - he’s now a spokesman for the whole town with his ‘expert opinion of foreign affairs, politics and sports’.

Our addiction to such a culture (which unfortunately I’m also shackled to) and Whatsapp groups sees us constantly bickering about social media ‘superstars’ some of whom have been ‘exposed’ as frauds.

The unfortunate circumstance is that the exposed are victims of the same social penitentiary. A quick-witted screenshot taking a comment out of context spreads like wild fire.

The lack of critical thinking leads to the accusation being accepted as fact, with the reputation of the social media superstar soon broken or restored.

What about the allegations that led to these individuals overnight being given celebrity status? It was US who liked and shared their content to qualify them as ‘Ruqya rookies’.

We are all to blame for it was us who blindly followed them as they posted a few pictures and quotes on social media and we helped to build their platform which saw them accepted as superior to the rest of us.

This is a repetitive and destructive cycle to which there is no end. Greed will always exist in society - views, retweets, likes and shares are valued as a currency nowadays.

On reflection, ask yourself this….why do you take the picture of your meal and then ensure the perfect filter is used? The steak no longer needs pepper and salt instead just swipe your finger across to the ‘Clarendon’ filter and your audience will taste the food with you.

The unfortunate truth is we use filters to ensure each snap is perfect.

We have raised the bar of perfection to such a great height, perfection is now fiction.

You have a beautiful scar which provides an inner deep description of your life? No, let me use a filter to camouflage the wound because it will make me different to the image hegemony online.

We will place filters on babies who unknown to them are living behind multiple cameras. We will be to blame for future generations who are enslaved to the lens as we have created an inherent purpose of using the camera.

Is he really your nephew who you love, or is he just another commodity which will increase your comments and likes?

Why not enjoy the taste of your food or be in awe of nature when you go on holiday.

Next time before your repeated action of hand, pocket, phone, camera, snap, upload occurs - ask yourself will this picture remove me from the actual enjoyment of the event.

The second I take the picture and upload it for my social media, am I now enjoying the food for myself or am I enjoying the approval of my social buddies who electronically nod at your food.

Technology allows governments and corporate companies to scrutinise every decision we make and this has no benefit to any of us.

Now let me end with some hypocrisy. Please like, comment and share this article to all you friends. It is the least you can do.