New behind the scenes footage of a new 140 seater halal Steakhouse taking shape has been revealed.

Ribeye Steakhouse will open on First Street in Manchester, close to the HOME cinema complex.

The interior build is well underway and will also feature an outdoor seating area for 40 people.

The owners say the new menu will include the 'finest cuts of Wagyu and Aberdeen Angus Beef' as well as a huge selection of seafood and chicken dishes. 


Earlier this summer, Djafar Yousfi, currently head chef at Gran Cafe in Selfridges Exchange Square has been announced as head chef.

He was reported as saying, “What we’re going to produce with Ribeye is something completely different.”

“I know there is a big competition in Manchester with a lot of restaurants but we’re going for simplicity to perfection. It has to be that what you order is exactly what you get on your plate.

“There are a lot of people who have gone vegetarian and vegan, but there are so many people who like their meat as well which is becoming a little bit forgotten.

“The idea is to go for the best of the best quality of meat and use the best cut and most popular beef. We want to give customers the experience of a nice steak without messing around with it too much."