Hajj and Umrah trips are once in a lifetime opportunities for many people. But what steps can you take to avoid being a victim of Hajj Fraud?

Here's what Arif Hajj and Umrah one of the biggest travel firms in the North West recommend before you book your Hajj Package.


Perform Basic Checks on the Hajj Company

Are they a legitimate registered Business?
Are they a Sole Trader or Limited Company?
Check on Companies House if the business is still trading
Do they have a Landline or just a Mobile Number?
Do they Have a Website?

Verify they are who they say they are; search the companies house register by clicking here


There are only 112 Licensed Hajj Organisers approved by the Ministry of Hajj to sell Hajj Packages in the UK.

Is the company a Hajj Munazzam?
Do they have their own Hajj Licence?
IF SO, what is their Munazzam number?
Ask to see their Munazzam Card

Being Ministry of Hajj & Umrah (MoHU) Approved does not mean you automatically have a Hajj Licence, some MoHU just have an Umrah Licence. 

A Hajj company must have a Munazzam Card to allow them to sell Hajj Packages.

IF a Hajj Company doesn't know what a Hajj Munazzam is or doesn't have a Munazzam Card then think twice before booking with them.


Anybody selling Flight based packages in the UK must have an ATOL licence. _Having an ATOL licence does not mean the company has a Hajj Licence too._

*a*. Ask for the companies ATOL number.

Verify they are who they say they are by checking for their atol licence please follow this link.


Make sure your Hajj Company is member of the UK Hajj Trade Association - Licensed Hajj Organisers or LHO for short*

All LHO member companies have a Valid Hajj Licence, and conform to the details of this message. The LHO website link is here.

Council of British Hajjis (CBHUK) 

CBHUK founded in 2006 is a registered charity who work with key government agencies such as the City of London Police, Trading Standards and the Civil Aviation Authority to tackle Hajj Fraud.

Find out more here


Always get everything in writing, establish an auditable paper trail on official company stationary.

Booking Form
Booking Confirmation
ATOL Certificate
Receipt or Invoice 


Avoid paying in Cash, insist to pay via a Bank Transfer to the Licensed Hajj Organisers Business Bank Account.

If you can only pay cash, ask for a Bank Giro Credit Slip for the Licensed Hajj Organisers Bank Account and pay directly at their Bank. 

This way you know they really are an official business and have their own bank account.

Keep a record of all financial transactions, methods of payment, date, time and receipts.

What if you have already booked?

If you have already booked with someone don't hesitate to still carry out the above necessary checks.

If you find yourself a victim of Hajj Fraud, please report it.

Action Fraud - 0300 123 20 20
Your local trading Standards
Seek advice from CBHUK.

Have a Blessed Journey and remember us in your Dua's.

By Altaf Arif of Arif Hajj & Umrah Services (www.arifhajj.com)