An exhibition by photographer Parveen Ali aims to bring more awareness of Islamophobia within Britain.

'Get Out of My Country' is a personal project about how Islamophobia had a
direct impact on her life. 

In a series of photos she shares the after effects of being harassed in her neighbourhood and how it made her feel.

This project also aims to bring awareness of Islamophobia within Britain how the rise of the Far Right has increased attacks on women.

Parveen Ali has covered the refugee crisis and has campaigned for Humans Rights, Homelessness Social Justice, Poverty, and Mental Health. 

On the opening night (Friday 7th June 6pm-9pm) she will be giving a short 5 minute talk about the project.

The Exhibition continues on 8th June 10.00-6pm and 9th June 10.00-6pm.

It is part of a wider project 'Marginal' at the Re centre, Thames Wharf, Rainville Road, London, W6 9HA.

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