Mosque pupils have delivered more than a hundred gifts to residents of a care home ahead of the Eid festival.

The children and staff from the Madrasah Zeenatul Quran based on Revidge Road in Blackburn raised the funds, purchased the gifts, packed and then distributed the presents to Haydock Care Home.

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Maulana Faruk Sahib, principal of Madrasah Zeenatul Quran, said, "This was a very important project for the Madrasah as it teaches children about true faith values, such as helping others, showing kindness, and having respect and care for everyone in society regardless of differences in cultures.

"The students and residents communicated really well and the visit was well received with the residents”.

“The students were very touched and are keen to continue raising funds in this way to help local causes, charities and continue to educate the students about the different needs of society”.

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The students were welcomed by the staff at the care home where more than 100 presents were delivered.

One of the residents said, “It really is brilliant having the children here and for them to be interacting with us.”

 “Many of these people do not have family or very few visitors so for them to see the children was really special.” 

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Maulana Faruk added,“Festivals like Eid and Christmas, for most of us, is a joyous time filled with laughter and family, however for some care home residents this time of year can be a particularly lonely time.