Social Media star Tiger Patel who shot to fame for his bizarre videos at the Council Elections is urging people to get out and vote in today's EU Elections.

In a video released today he can be seen outside a polling station urging people not to let the month of fasting stop them from voting today.

In the video he says, "Today is MEP election day and voting day. So please, please come out your home and give your vote.

"Your vote is very important."

He added, "This is the fasting month. You just take 15 or 20 minutes and vote."

He does not state who to select for but members of the community are being urged to cast their vote to counter the threat of the far-right at the polls.

Last month, in the run-up to the Council elections several of taxi-driver Tiger Patel’s videos were shared across social media.

Tiger, real name Altaf Patel, was standing in the Audley and Queen’s Park Ward, Blackburn, as an independent.

He was up against long-standing councillor Salim Sidat of Labour who eventually won comfortably and Sarah Morrison of the Conservative Party.