A group of Year 7 students represented Pendle in the final of the Lancashire School Games’ dancing competition at Preston Guild Hall.

The eight students from Colne Primet Academy were tasked with creating a performance based on the topic of ‘Diversity’ and worked hard to choose the music and costumes and choreograph their routine.

They performed to a packed house at Preston Guild Hall’s Charter Theatre and received lots of positive comments from the judges with one asking Jade Tye to perform her excellent pirouette on point again for the audience.

The story behind the dance was written by Issra Ashfaq in Year 7 who showed a great level of maturity and understanding for such an important aspect of society.

She said: “The different formations in the dance represent us coming together from different walks of life. We don’t travel on the same path or arrive at our destinations at the same time, but we are celebrating a world where we accept our differences as a positive, and we are connected on our journey.

“When in two different groups we do slightly different movements or similar in unison, showing we can be different and individual at times, and don’t always agree but that is acceptable. Different costumes represent our unique diversity: how we can come together to be one regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, or religious beliefs.”

Mrs Driver, Head of Creative and Vocational Studies at Colne Primet Academy, said: “Yet again our students have represented the school so well and I am immensely proud of the girls for taking full responsibility for all aspects of this performance. To fully choreograph the routine, choose the music, costumes and do hair and make-up themselves meant this performance really was a celebration of their brilliant creativity.”

Students Jessica Austin and Ashleigh Feather added: “We are really proud of ourselves as this is the first time we have ever done anything like this and we performed in a theatre in front of hundreds of people, and had fun along the way!”