The scenes in Oldham over the weekend had little to do with people wanting to challenge Robinson they had more to do with causing disorder.

These were not anti-fascists these were groups of young men wanting to make out they were fighting racism.

Footage posted on social media showed clashes between supporters of the far right activist, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, and counter-demonstrators. Eggs and other objects were thrown, with police later releasing a statement to say that those involved "can expected to be arrested and dealt with robustly."

But should the police really have to spend their time dealing with these so-called counter-demonstrators?

The clashes took place in a residential area of Limeside where riot police armed with batons and shields attempted to keep the crowds separate.

A live video posted on Facebook by a group calling itself the Muslim Defence League showed a group of Asian men standing and shouting across at the other crowd across the police blockade, with some throwing objects and shouting "racist scum."

As someone who has been to several counter-demonstrations in the past I can tell you now that some people are not there to protest. There is no difference therefore between these men and those that you spot surrounding Tommy Robinson.

Because they are Muslims so we should all defend them no matter what?

If we ask for standards of others why then are we are silent over this?

There will be some who will not speak out on this issue because we are fighting extremism. But this wasn’t really about that at all was it?

And deep down we all know it having viewed some of the videos because we all know groups like that.

You will find little sympathy for what Robinson stands for on these pages but this needs to be called out.

If you think that by Robinson coming to your town he is trying to provoke a reaction then like it or not that is his right. It is up to you to either let him pass through or demonstrate without it turning into a mini riot.

It might not be what many people will want to hear – but the fact is some people are using Robinson to cause disorder.