A VILE racist message was scribbled across the front of a house, causing outrage among neighbours.

Passers-by said they were “shocked and dismayed” after the disgusting message appeared in Ditchling Road, Brighton, on May 5.

One angry resident posted an image of the graffiti, which said “wo** out”, on social media.

She said she was left “speechless” by the “racist graffiti problem” and added: “I sincerely hoped the people who live here feel the community is supportive of them.”

Fellow residents shared their fury at the words and offered support to those targeted.

One said: “I’m appalled.

“I don’t know where this is but I know where my bucket and scrubbing brush is, so regardless of the ethnicity of the people whose home this might be, I’m happy to go and clean it off right now.

“There is no place for this sentiment either in our neighbourhood or in general.”

Another said: “I am shocked to be honest.

“Even though we live in a generally lovely place with an above average number of decent tolerant liberal folk there are still scumbags among us.

“Imagine what other less liberal places are like.”

Several residents said the graffiti was a hate crime and offered to help remove it.

The day after it was shared on social media one person went and changed the message.

It was scratched over with a black pen and the words “immigration is beautiful” were written above it alongside a picture of a heart.

One resident said this was a “good temporary edit”.

Another stressed the importance of not ignoring the behaviour and said: “Every time one of us stands up and says a clear no, we are stopping it.

“Saying nothing is allowing them to continue.”

The words have since been painted over by the tenants of the house, who wished to remain anonymous.

Earlier this month a Manchester man was jailed for painting the words “no blacks” on the home of an African man and his ten-year-old son who had recently moved into his block of flats.

Vaughan Dowd, 55, pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to a single count of racially aggravated criminal damage on February 8.

He was jailed for 12 months and was told by the judge that his actions were “not welcome” in this country.