A MAN who subjected his ex-partner to a brutal attack and stabbed her in front of his own child and several other children has been jailed for nine years.

Darryl Dyson, 25, pleaded guilty to maliciously wounding Nicola Nadin with intent to do her grievous bodily harm.

Preston Crown Court heard how Dyson, who has 22 previous convictions for 56 offences, including robbery, battery, threatening behaviour and possession of offensive weapons, had carried out the attack on March 2, at Miss Nadin’s home in Burnley.

Dyson had followed Miss Nadin home after they had been for a meeting to discuss access to his child. He then forced his way into the property, where his child and several other children were being looked after by a babysitter, and began punching and kicking his ex partner, before throwing her across the room, and then kicking her in the head.

The court heard how Dyson’s aggression escalated when he followed Miss Nadin into the kitchen and attacked her with a knife, stabbing her in the hand as she tried to protect herself.

The police were called and Dyson was Tasered before being arrested.

Stephen Parker, prosecuting, said: “Mr Dyson and Miss Nadin had been in a relationship and had a daughter together. Miss Nadin also had three other children from previous relationships.

“When their relationship ended in 2016, there were issues between them, and in 2017, Miss Nadin took out a restraining order against Mr Dyson.

“There had been difficulties in relation to the right to see his child, but in the days leading up to the attack, Miss Nadin and Mr Dyson had been trying to reach a suitable arrangement.

“However, following a meeting at the Queen Victoria pub on March 1, an argument ensued and Mr Dyson had followed Miss Nadin home.”

It was also heard that at the time of the attack, Dyson had been on prison licence and by making contact with Miss Nadin, had also been in breach of a restraining order.

Judge Mark Brown said: “There’s no doubt that this was a serious, sustained and repeated attack on Miss Nadin in which she suffered a number of injuries. She has described how she had been in pain and had struggled to sleep after the attack. She had injuries to her face and has a permanent scar on her hand.

“It has been pointed out that you were drunk at the time of the assault and are remorseful for your actions, and you did plead guilty and made admissions to the police, but this is not a straightforward matter.

“There are a number of aggravating factors in this - you were out on prison licence, were in breach of a restraining order, were brandishing a weapon and carried out the attack in the presence of children.”