The family of a London man who has not been since May 7 have made an emotional appeal to anyone who may know of his whereabouts.

Shah Khan lives in Heston went to Hounslow High Street at around midday on Tuesday (May 7) to collect some money from the bank for his older brother, Ali.

But he has made no contact with Ali or any other members of his family since.

The family fear that he may have been kidnapped.

This week his family held an appeal at Hyde Park Corner where his mother made this pleaded to anyone who may know what has happened to her son.

Shah's brother posted, "I get on my knees and beg you all for help. Please if you have seen my brother or know where he is, please help me bring him home to my parents, my family is in such a bad state, my mum and dad are devastated, our hearts are broken, we haven’t eaten, we haven’t slept, we have never endured pain like this, it’s Ramadan, the month of mercy, please somebody, anybody have mercy on us! 

"Please if anyone knows where my brother is or has heard anything please help us. If anyone out there has my brother, please just wherever he is, send him home safe and sound. The Almighty will bless you, we will be indebted to your favour forever, you will get a mother’s prayer, a fathers prayer, a sisters prayer. 

"Please for the sake of my mum and dads broken heart, if anyone out there can help in any way bringing him home, I will pray for you all forever and ever, God Almighty will bless you with all the wealth and success, he will give you more and more, please if you know anything, please help help me bring my brother home, we are hurting so much. 

"Our hearts are shattered, broken into a million piece! 

"Please help me for your own mothers sake, my mum is no different to your mum, for your own sisters sake, I’m no different to your sister, please help me, I beg you all, please help me! The Almighty will be happy with you, please help help me bring my Shah home. I know someone out there knows something, please help me."

Anyone who knows where Shah is or has seen him in the past few days is asked to contact police on 101.