A Labour MP has accused the Conservatives of making "the same mistakes" over dealing with Islamophobia within the party as Labour did with anti-Semitism.

During a Commons debate on the definition of Islamophobia, Wes Streeting (Ilford North) told MPs: "I have watched with some amazement and even greater despair the Conservative Party making exactly the same mistakes over Islamophobia within their party, as my party has with anti-Semitism.

"The same miserable, inexcusable pattern of dismissal, denial and delegitimisation of serious concerns raised by prominent Muslims about racism within their ranks."

He added: "As we recoil in horror at the deafening silence of decent people in the Conservative Party about racism within their ranks, I would respectfully say to some quarters in my own party: 'that is the same silence you demand of me'.

"It is a silence on anti-Semitism you will never receive."