A group that said it planned to meet with Tommy Robinson in Preston have postponed the meeting.

Nadeem Ashfaq of the Light Foundation said he approached the far-right extremist in Blackpool. In a video posted on Facebook, Nadeem is seen telling Mr Robinson he stopped other Asians directing their anger towards him.

Today a statement from the Light Foundation read, "Tommy was planning on visiting Preston for his election campaign, we asked if he will consider a peaceful meeting with ourselves for the following purposes: 1) To discuss common issues that affect us all and 2) To debunk and clarify misconceptions about Islam and Muslims.

"Tommy Robinson confirmed that he would indeed be visiting Preston as a location for his election campaign and advised that a date for his visit to Preston had not yet been finalised.

"Tommy agreed to meet and requested our contact details, a mobile telephone number was provided and Tommy agreed to contact us to arrange a meeting.

"To date, we have not received any contact or communication from him or his team and can only assume that he does not want to meet us. The lack of any contact gives us insufficient time to agree any terms and conditions and to organise a meeting on the 20 May.

"We remain committed in wanting to meet Tommy Robinson in the near future and look forward to hearing from him or his team. Any potential meeting will now have to take place after the European Elections."