A Rochdale shop worker who was underpaid at a cash and carry has been awarded compensation after a Manchester Employment Tribunal.

Raja Mehmood began working for Worldwide Foods Limited based on Lower Tweedale Street in Rochdale in 2009 but after he raised concerns about his pay and holiday pay, he said he was dismissed by the company in March 2018.

The judgement awarded Mr Mehmood a substantial sum of money.

In April an Employment Tribunal ruled in his favour with regards to unlawful deduction to wages, unfair dismissal, holiday pay, overtime pay and failure to provide a contract of employment. Mr Mehmood was also awarded a sum of money for injury to feelings. 

Speaking after the case to Asian Image he said, “When I started working at the company I did not know my rights.

“I had come from Pakistan and wanted to work for a living and provide for my family.

“I was replenishing shelves at the store.

“I was working 12-hour shifts and getting paid for less. I did not get holiday pay. I thought this was the way it was.”

Asian Image:

Nazish Bostan (Associate) and Head of Employment Law at Zenith Lawyers who represented Mr Mehmood said, “This was a complex case and we had to investigate Mr Mehmood’s claim vigorously. At the outset,we found fundamental flaws in how our client was treated by his employer,  and felt that this was a case of exploitation. 

“We are extremely happy with the result and our client can now focus on his future with his family.

“This judgement sends out a strong message to organisations that treating employees unfairly or evading them from their rights will not be tolerated by the Employment Tribunal.”