The family of a London man who has not been since May 7 fear he may have been kidnapped and killed.

Shah Khan lives in Heston , Hounslow , went to Hounslow High Street at around midday on Tuesday to collect some money from the bank for his older brother, Ali.

But he has made no contact with Ali or any other members of his family since.

Speaking to MyLondon Shah's older brother, Ali, "I haven't slept for five days as I think my brother is dead.

'We just want him home'

"I am really worried about him. We just want him found.

"He is a lovely fella. He would help anyone. He is the type of person if a grandmother was struggling crossing the road he would park his car, block the road and help her cross it.

"He has a heart of gold and is always smiling.

"We just want him home."

He added, "There has been a lot of kidnappings in the area recently and we think he could have been taken for ransom.

"He is a big lad, goes to the gym, and I think they may have put him into a car or something and in a struggle stabbed him. They then may have panicked and hid his body somewhere.

"He wouldn't go anywhere unknown. Our mum would know where he is all the time and he would visit several times a day, go to the gym and just show his face. He is not a trouble maker, doesn't do drugs and is a good boy."

Detectives from the Metropolitan Police are investigating his disappearance, although Ali believes they are no closer to locating him.

Anyone who knows where Shah is or has seen him in the past few days is asked to contact police on 101.