Dublin Airport has responded to a passenger’s claim that a multi-faith airport was ‘effectively a mosque’.

It led many on Twitter to commend the airport for the way they allayed any concerns.

Gemma O’ Doherty has more than 25,000 follower on Twitter.  Her profile says she is an ‘Investigative journalist’ and an Euro Election Candidate.

She posted on Twitter, “The bullies who run @DublinAirport Dalton Philips banned me from filming the ‘multi faith’ room today which is effectively a mosque. The Irish people own the airport so please drop in a Cross to remind these Philistines #Ireland is #Christian too. App 90%.”

To which the airport responded, “Hi Gemma, as a multi-faith room it is open to people of all faiths, and indeed to those who have none. There is also a Catholic Church on campus. Details of both can be found here http://ow.ly/sYLh30oHNHH . You were asked to stop filming for three reasons.

“a) you had not sought or been granted the required permission to film at the airport b) we do not permit political campaigning on the airport campus c) all mobile phones and devices should be switched off in the multi-faith room. We hope you have a safe trip.”

The airport pointed this link which details information on a Catholic Campus.


She even posted this video entitled ‘No Crosses in Dublin Airport Prayer Room but piled high with Muslim prayer mats and arrows to Mecca.’

Twitter users were quick to commend the airport for their swift response.