BROTHERS who left a father with a fractured skull - after he intervened in a dispute involving his son - have been jailed for 10 years each.

Ashraf Dawood’s son Qadir had been accosted in the street, after an incident in the Countess Street area of Accrington, Preston Crown Court heard.

Qadir Dawood had been accused of being a “snitch”, after a house window had been smashed and a car torched. He was then punched in the face by Iblal Iqbal, the court was told.

And when the father, hearing what had gone on, went to remonstrate with his attacker he was set upon by at least three men, prosecutors said.

His son came hurtling around the corner in his Seat Leon car, a short time later, and crashed into a nearby garage, Jeremy Grout-Smith told an earlier hearing.

It was claimed initially that Ashraf Dawood had been knocked down and injured by his own son, who was then attacked by Iblal and his brother Abubakir Iqbal.

But Mr Grout-Smith said CCTV footage had clearly captured the elder Dawood being set upon by a number of men, before the car arrived on the scene.

Iblal Iqbal, 32, of Hyndburn Street, Accrington, was found guilty by a jury of causing grievous bodily harm to Ashraf Dawood and Qadir Dawood on April 26 last year but cleared of weapons offences.

Abubakir Iqbal, of Countess Street, Accrington, was convicted of the same offences, and also found not guilty on weapons charges.

Mudasar Zafar, 36, also of Countess Street, was convicted of attacking Ashraf Dawood but cleared of the violence involving his son.

Judge Philip Parry jailed the Iqbal brothers for 10 years each and Zafar was given a 23-month suspended prison term.

He was also ordered to complete 200 hours’ community service and pay £500 court costs.

Mr Grout-Smith said Ashraf Dawood had initially shook hands with Iblal Iqbal and asked him what the problem was.

But he saw several people around him “smirking” and, fearing he was about to be attacked, lashed out, the court heard.

Moments later he was knocked to the ground and attacked with bats, causing a serious head injury.

Within minutes Qadir Dawood drove around the corner and, before seeing what had happened to his father, lost control and crashed his car.

He was attacked by the Iqbals and left with a scalp wound and a broken finger.