Yesterday I kept my first ever fast. I became a Muslim earlier this year and have been looking forward to Ramadan both with anticipation and excitement.

My new husband- we only got married this year- has explained so much about this holy month to me. But hearing about it and reading about it is so different to actually experiencing it.

The feeling is unparalleled.

It is quite amazing to be able to deny yourself food and water, all for the sake of Allah. This is something that I as a former non-Muslim could not grasp.

What I know now is when you do something for the sake of Allah, the will-power cannot be broken.

What I found even more incredible than keeping that first fast was the atmosphere at the iftar.

I have never experienced such love, warmth and solidarity as I did in my first iftar.

The joy experienced by all present was a unanimous feeling.

I have encountered a new kind of peace that I feel only the month of Ramadan can bring.

By Nadia