To celebrate the beginning of Ramadan, family and friends come together to enjoy iftari meals, created from generations of favourite recipes. 

The Asda Supper Club with was hosted by Radikal Kitchen and Zaleha Olpin and aimed to showcase global flavours from around the world. 

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Guests including food bloggers, influencers and celebrity names were greeted by welcome drinks followed by a delectable spread of savoury and sweet dishes. Parveen Ashraf from Parveen’s Indian Cooking, ITV also attended to taste the different flavours of Ramadan. 

Whether it be Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Pakistani, Malaysian or oriental, this event highlighted that Asda can make your dishes as special as they would be back home.

During the evening, food enthusiasts, Radikal Kitchen and Zaleha Olpin presented an array of dishes sharing inspiration with influencers and guests with ingredients bought under one roof in Asda. 

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Many took inspiration for their iftar and sehri meals. A 13-recipe spread was displayed over four courses including two rounds of entrees, a round of mains and a lavish spread of desserts. 

The most popular recipe of the day was the Keema Pao.  The variety of mains included Harissa chicken and the coconut taste of Malaysian Laksa. 

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The Rose Flavoured Vermicelli Pudding was displayed with its creamy base sprinkled with rose petals as finishing touch. 

This year, Asda is bringing the different foods and cultures together in the UK to celebrate the global flavours of Ramadan.