What is life all about? Some people say life is about finding yourself. I pondered upon this thought but came to a different conclusion.

I think life is about developing yourself; reflecting and forever evolving into a better version of you.

If you feel as if you are the same person you were ten years ago, then have you grown? Have you learnt the lessons life is trying to teach you? Have you spent time with yourself and reflected on your mindset and behaviours?

I feel now I am a different person to who I was a decade ago.

Fundamentally, I am the same but the way I the world has changed as has the way I view myself.

Through the delivery of my sessions, I have come across so many people who have a very negative image of themselves.

It’s quite saddening to see how many people consider themselves unworthy or undeserving of happiness, of good relationships or consider themselves not capable enough or not good enough. To some degree, these thought patterns reminded me a little of my former self.

I used to hold very negative, destructive thoughts about myself and used to consider myself unworthy and very undeserving. I was very critical about myself; I disliked being different, being tall.

I disliked my aspects of my physical self.

I could not see beyond the negative web of destructive thoughts that my mind had weaved.

It was when I began to develop an awareness of my thoughts that I began to change this destructive mindset.

I began to practice gratitude, which led to self-acceptance and the notion of self-love began to emerge.

How I viewed myself started to alter from a negative self-image to a more positive one.

Every day, I would create a positive narrative and repeat the notion of being worthy, being deserving, being more than good enough.

It was the belief in this narrative that created power and resulted in the positive perspective I now hold about myself.

What you think, you become if you think you are not capable of doing something, you will never be able to do it but if you think you can, that’s when your mind begins to develop a ‘can do’ mindset and a determined ‘you ‘ begins to emerge.

Consider yourself to be capable and worthy.

Be kind to yourself; love yourself and allow this seed to grow.

It is only when you feel love for yourself that you can radiate this light to others. And through this light, become a beacon of positivity for others.

This change in thinking cascades into all aspects of your mindset- from how you view challenging situations you are presented with, to how you view the world. The once tunnel vision of thoughts becomes kaleidoscopic- displaying an array of love and beauty in all that you see.

Thoughts affect feelings and behaviours, which alter with our mindsets.

This is how we develop and evolve into better versions of ourselves – observing thought patterns and developing improved more productive ones, ones that stem from heart- because that is what it’s all about; thinking from the heart; thinking with love.