Struggling in life, what is that?
It covers a broad and wide range,
From a spoilt brat and all that,
All creed, race and age.

Some hide it well, like slithering eel,
plunging in the deep depths of the sea,
Others they just keep up with the Jones’s, falling into debt, but wear an outer mask and glee.

Money makes the world go round they say, yes but also causes alot of grief,
Rent, mortgages, made from bricks and mortar,
Far from relief,
Saving pennies to get to the alter.

Like I said keeping up with the wealth, money or cars,
Only pennies in jars.
The banks all in all greedy and tyranty, 
They have assets, that’s plenty.

Blinded to the system, spend spend spend is what they want,
To the point and blunt.
Big bold in neon font.

Eating out, here and there with loved ones, like on a lead,
Picking up and threading us up like a lost bead.

“Stingy, money obsessed person, well you’re working” that is far from reality.
Losing our sanity.

Families and loved ones are expensive,
A hole through the pocket, following our treasures, like a flock of birds, with just one crumb.
They don’t understand the ins and outs.
We just become numb.
They become just agitated and defensive.

I am an freelance writer. I have been expressing my poems on Instagram for two years as a hobby. I have blog under the name of Expressive_Poetry©.
You can follow me on Instagram @_expressive_poetry