A woman says she has been ‘besieged’ by racist comments and her housing association has not done enough to protect her.

The mum of three, who lives in the Audley area of Blackburn, said she had complained extensively and lived in constant fear.

Together Housing who manage the homes said: “Cases are often complicated and involve many different allegations, contexts and factors.”

The woman who did not wish to be named said: “As soon as I started wearing a head scarf, things just got worse. Before I used to have my house open, but as soon I became more religious the Islamophobia has got worse.

“I am the only Asian person on this street. There other elderly people but they are too scared to speak out.

“I have three kids aged 14, 10 and five. They have been really brave but I should not have to live in this constant fear.”

She revealed there had been a number of incidents including being told to ‘get out’ and one in which someone made ‘a Quran out of a Budweiser box’.

“There have been many other incidents and I have called the police on occasions,” she said.

“I feel I am being ignored and no one is helping me.

“On one occasion I was painting my fence. A woman came and hit me and my head hit the fence.

“I hit her back. They went to police. They believed her version of events.

“I also had my car damaged.

“I don’t think Together Housing have done enough to protect me.”

Martin Jackson, anti-social behaviour interventions manager at Together Housing Group, said: “Together Housing take all allegations of hate-crime extremely seriously and we investigate all complaints thoroughly.

“Cases are often complicated and involve many different allegations, contexts and factors. We work closely with the police and other services to ensure that all tenants are safe and, where necessary, take action against offenders.

“We do not comment on individual, ongoing cases.”