An Academy Trust says it will investigate allegations that a teacher posted an 'offensive' anti-Muslim comment.

A Facebook post is being allegedly attributed to a teacher from the Oasis Academy Clarksfield in Oldham.

The school has a large percentage of Muslim pupils. Asian Image understands the teacher has been suspended from his role.

The post sent to Asian Image by a concerned parent is believed to relate to the recent protests outside the Birmingham’s Parkfield Community School with regards to the ‘No Outsiders’ programme, which teaches pupils about diversity, including LGBT rights.

The post on social media read, “I’m not homophobic, but…This is disgusting. I have to teach about a religion, which is the cause majority of all wars and has zero proof to its outdated and ridiculous ideologies but when we want to teach about acceptance, love and being kind to others these pricks have flipped their shit!”

The school is part of Oasis Community Learning.

The Oasis Community Learning said in a statement, “Oasis Community Learning has the highest expectations of both staff and students with regards to tolerance, understanding and inclusion of others.

“Any reports that a member of the Oasis family has fallen short of these expectations will be fully investigated, and if appropriate, individuals will be sanctioned as explained in our Staff Code of Conduct or Student Behaviour Policy.

“With respect to the right to privacy of our staff and students, Oasis Community Learning will not comment publicly on any specific incidents. If any of our parents or community have any concerns, they are encouraged to contact their academy directly.”