A man who was delivered a McDonald’s chicken wrap instead of a vegetarian one says he is deeply shocked and upset after the mix-up.

Uber Eats have said this incident is unacceptable and were investigating at how this had happened.

Mr Parekh, 32, from Preston ordered two spicy vegetarian wraps from the Deepdale branch of McDonald’s in Preston this week (Wednesday April 10) via Uber Eats.

He says he regularly uses the Uber app to order food but this was the first time he had ordered from a McDonald’s restaurant.

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(Picture: Mr Parekh)

He told Asian Image, “I ordered two spicy vegetable wraps and the food was delivered to my home via the Uber App but when I took a few bites. I realised something was wrong.

“My wife noticed that there was something white in the wrap and then we realised it was chicken.

“I immediately spat it out.

“I was shocked and it has upset me a great deal.

“I have never eaten meat before as I am a devout vegetarian. I have never even eaten egg before due to my religious obligations.

“I rang McDonald’s straight away and was told to contact Uber Eats. I also rang McDonald’s at midnight to complain.”

He said he did not eat for the rest of the evening and was so upset he hardly slept.

“I am completely Hindu vegetarian.

“I had to brush my teeth and wash my mouth several times. I feel I have meat in my stomach. I still feel sick.”

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(Picture: Mr Parekh)

He said he went back to the store and the manager apologised.

“I put trust in them and I thought I would get a vegetarian wrap as promised.

“This could happen to anyone and I want to make sure no one goes through this experience again.”

An Uber spokeswoman said: "This incident is unacceptable and does not meet our usually high standards.

“We have fully refunded the customer for this order. We are looking into our processes with McDonalds to ensure that this doesn't happen again."

McDonald's have confirmed the customer was offered a refund when he came to the store.