A simple message can end with so many dire consequences. We asked readers to share some of their most embarrassing WhatsApp woes.

Many people have developed a constant need to share information as soon as they get it. But what happens when you end up posting an image or a video in the wrong WhatsApp group? Or if you post something to the wrong person - like your fiance’s mum?

Farook is an avid gym-goer and told us: “I took a picture of myself topless and was meant to post it on my friend’s group after a session at the gym but ended up sending it to my workmates.

“It was just so embarrassing. I have never lived it down and keep getting called ‘Arnie’ in the office. At first I would laugh it off but after a few months I realised I needed to leave the office.

“I found a new place to work and everything was going well until one of the guys from the old workplace got a job there and he told everyone what I had done. Now, they call me Arnie at my new job place too.”

Sheetal said she inadvertently offended her close friend when sending a message to her bridal make-up artist.

“My friend said she wanted to do my wedding make-up. She did a trial on me and I took a selfie of it.

“The make-up looked awful. I thought I was sending that selfie to the makeup artist I had chosen secretly. I put a caption under the picture saying “Yuck.” Without realising, I sent that to my friend by mistake. This was in the days before you could delete a sent message. She didn’t come to my wedding and is no longer talking to me.”

Tanvir is 28 and had been looking to get married. He said: “I was with a girl for several months.

“We got on really well and I got to know her brother.

“He ended up in a WhatsApp group with some of my friends and we were having the usual banter about girls and football. Then one of my other friends posted a picture of me with my former girlfriend with the caption ’Tanny with his ONE true love.’ “He forwarded the message to his sister. We broke up soon after. I don’t blame her I would have done the same.

“The guy who shared it apologised but said he didn’t know who this other guy was.”

A man who only wants to be known as ‘G’ told us, “My fiancé and I had met at university and we were going out for four years.

“When plans for a wedding were announced we were both happy. Her mum was really nice and the family kept me informed of wedding plans.

“One day I was sending personal messages to my fiancée and I had her mum saved on my phone. I accidentally told her mum what time I would pick her up and some other intimate details. It also included a picture of my hands as I knew she liked my hands.

“All hell broke loose and my fiancée was not happy. We have not got married yet and things have been delayed.

“I don’t think I can live this down.”

Raheel was in a WhatApp group with his mosque group. “We had this group for knowledge and learning more about Islam.

“I was scrolling through some pages and looking at LGBT responses for a university debate event I was involved with.

“As I was sharing some thoughts I accidentally posted an article about famous people who ‘came out.’ “I only realised later when my phone started pinging.

“I got some really bad responses but at the same time I was surprised that the main religious head said it was wrong to judge people even if you don’t believe in their lifestyles.”

Seema said WhatsApp caused her stress when her family decided to create a group.

“The family WhatsApp group is the bane of my life.

“There are hundreds of message on that group all day. I mute it, but I still have to read it because someone will get offended if you don’t reply or comment on what they have written.

“It’s like a passive aggressive minefield.

“And you can’t leave the group.

“And then there’s the smaller family WhatsApp group that gossips about the people in the main family WhatsApp group.

“I feel like deleting WhatsApp sometimes so I can have some peace in my life.”