As you may well be aware, the topic of Relationship and Sex Education, or otherwise known as RSE, and the so-called learning of this in all schools, including faith schools in Great Britain from September 2020 is becoming a war of words between liberal secular folk in modern Britain and those on the other side who are of faith and even non-faith who hold onto traditional views and opinion.

Relationship Education will be a new concept of teaching in primary schools.  

The controversial ‘No Outsiders’ program at Parkfields Community School in Birmingham which has been at the centre of this debate, is entirely separate to the proposed compulsory RSE in schools, but unfortunately for us as parents, gives us all an early view and a possible framework to which the government could potentially look to embed in the school system.  

Some of Andrew Moffats own published literature based on ‘No Outsiders’ program, whose the Deputy Headteacher at Parkfields, is something not to ignore.

At the heart of the debate with Parkfields school and the protests taking place in other schools in Birmingham which were teaching from the same program, I feel there is the controversial and Islamophobic PREVENT agenda at play. 

In a recently leaked presentation  titled ‘Increasing Resilience in Pupils and Creating an Alternative Narrative’ includes reference to the following stats and information; 749 children, 98.9% Muslim, geographically in the centre of Trojan Horse allegations, 

In response to PREVENT: Parkfield Community School has developed three aims:

• Develop a curriculum where children are taught to recognise and celebrate diversity and difference in their own communities and in the wider society.
• Respond consistently and confidently if ideological challenges to individual liberty, tolerance and mutual respect for different faiths and beliefs occur.
• Work together with parents and stakeholders to ensure we are part of the wider community and that our ethos permeates respectfully.

The hook, line and sinker with the slide deck has a page titled, ‘How does ‘No Outsiders’ reduce radicalisation?’

Ask yourself this; why would anyone want to contribute and further create an environment to an already suspect Muslim community and especially with the previous Trojan Horse scandal in the same area? 

Secondly, when, or if ever, has a British UK Muslim gone out to cause ‘extreme violence or terror’ towards a member of the LGBT community?  

Do you realise of the Structural Islamophobic narrative at play here?

PREVENT is not needed in society!  Muslims are only 5% of the UK populous and statistically make up of well over half of PREVENT referrals (source: Home Office).

A question was asked recently by a member of the audience on BBC Question Time: ‘Is it morally right for 5-year-old children to learn about LGBTQ+ issues in school?’

The reaction on social media was awash with support in favour of the learning of Relationship Education in schools.  

News staff at the BBC waded in on the debate and all being played out on social media.  Only last week news staff were warned them they could face internal sanctions if they express strong political views on Twitter and debating the rights and wrongs of teaching children about tolerance for LGBT people. 

You could say whether if those staff who did debate online and whose social media accounts publicly link them to the broadcaster are being impartial, or quite frankly, should they just keep their mouths shut?

No doubt we live in a secular society and we hear the term ‘for the promotion of British Values’, of which one strand is ‘mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith’.

Here lies the problem and you could say almost a conflict of interest where mutual respect is further explained, and according to the government guidelines includes:

- An understanding that the freedom to hold other faiths and beliefs is protected in law
- An acceptance that people having different faiths or beliefs to oneself (or having none) should be accepted and tolerated, and should not be the cause of prejudicial or discriminatory behaviour
- An understanding of the importance of identifying and combating discrimination

Let me talk about this further.   OFSTED want children to learn and understand that they are to respect people of faith and no faith, and for children to hold no discrimination against them, and secondly, combating discrimination and understanding its importance. 

I believe the second point is where the agenda of Relationship Education and the narrative of children to be what I call ‘Indoctrinated’ is stemming from.

The state wants our children to be learnt (I hate using this term in this context by the way) in not to discriminate those who they come across in their classroom; today, tomorrow or in the future, or in later life who are in same sex relationships or identify themselves as LGBTQ.  Even not to discriminate those children who have same sex parents.  

You could argue that who are we to discriminate against an innocent child who has been brought up in this world with same-sex couples.  The new born child isn’t at fault, but is it right for our children to accept this as the norm in society?

So, I ask the Department for Education and Ms Amanda Spielman, who is HM Chief Inspector of Education, why are those people of faith and even non-faith being discriminated against in the media for objecting against something which they fundamentally are against to be brought into schools?  

On the one hand you have respect for faith and on the other you want to combat discrimination.  

Parents are going to be torn between a rock and a hard place to teach their own children and uphold British Values.  The sub-contexts of British Values which I included above just don’t fit.

Imaam Ibrahim Mogra recently appeared live on BBC Breakfast and spoke in rather liberal terms on the topic.  

He also started off a recent BBC Radio 4 interview by apologising to Andrew Moffat on the abuse and hatred he has suffered.  I suppose Imaam Mogra was showing his sympathy and generally being civil towards a member of wider society.  

However, as Muslims should one sell out simply to appease?  

If our Muslims leaders and scholars are not even willing to speak up on national media, then what hope do we lay people have to fight out corner?

So what should we do going forward? 

We can no longer have our young children be baby sat from 8.30am to 3pm, we need to be actively involved in our children's school.

Get involved in your children's school, form parent groups, speak to other parents in the playground when dropping and collecting your children at school, write to the headteacher collectively, be a parent governor, request school leadership to consult with the community on their plans once guidance is received to them from DfE and local authority, and request lesson plans and to see any literature. 

It is your right.  It is your children's right.

I will finish with, Education NOT Indoctrination. Education NOT discrimination against faith belief.  Give parents a choice to opt out.  We live in a democracy.

By concerned parent, Ahmed