A new matchmaking app is promising to help single Muslims all over the world find love.

Veil provides a sought-after alternative to conventional methods such as family set-ups and blind dating.

The app was developed by Olid Uddin and Adam Ward after they both experimented with other UK-based marriage apps. Their experience led them to discover what they felt was missing in this respective market.

Adam, co-founder of Veil said, “Traditional Muslim matchmaking engagements often pose too much pressure on both participants. It can be extremely stressful and make people act pretentious, hoping to impress.

“With Veil, we took these pitfalls and insecurity triggers as a motive to come up with an alternative solution which encourages men and women to act nonchalant and reveal their true selves by being honest and respectful with a clear intention for marriage.”

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The founders explained the name of the app was conceived when they were both strolling through the boulevards of a local road in the UAE and they observed the traditional clothing worn by women and the sense of mystery it adds to their personas.

‘Veil’ was chosen to complement the concept of displaying profile photos in a slightly opaque manner, mirroring the effect of seeing through a bridal veil fabric.  The digital veil, Adam said, means the individuals personality is highlighted rather than aesthetics.

The app, available on the Apple Appstore, targets single, widowed and divorce people, helping them to find potential life partners.

Veil provides a number of features that assist members to search, browse and select profiles they find interesting including the Veil boost.

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Adam Ward

This premium feature allows members to post their ‘like’ directly on a user’s profile rather than relying upon the app’s matching algorithm.

The boost premium feature offers boosters along with profile rewind which can be used to see a profile that was missed during browsing or simply used to access previous profiles.

Olid, co-founder of Veil said, “We consider ourselves the Robin Hoods of Muslim matchmaking, providing a simple free app that would break the traditional taboo associated with matrimonial networks. 

"We do not believe photo driven apps to find a long-term partner is the solution for a religion based on modesty- it all becomes too superficial as every member is swiping away purely based on someone’s appearance.

“When we left University and embarked on our professional careers, we quickly realized that gone were the days of having single people of different religions and ethnicities all boxed into small classrooms, libraries, canteens and conference halls every day of the week.

“Working life was limited with opportunities to meet new people and introductions from family and friends were thin and far between.

“It wasn’t just us, the majority of young Muslim professionals around us were faced with the same difficulties. That’s when we knew that a digital, global network was the inevitable solution for the masses.”

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Olid Uddin

App user Ashia spoke about why she is using Veil. She said,  “I am not in a rush to get married but I’m also not interested in going out with guys for fun and to pass time. If someone special comes along tomorrow or in five years I would consider marrying them.

"So it’s good to have the option to review key profile details about the guys joining Veil without any pressure to meet first.

“I am fairly religious and don’t go out to bars and clubs. With my work I don’t have so much free time to socialise with my small group of friends.

£It can be difficult to meet other single Muslims who have the intention to get married and not just want a casual relationship.

From my experience, Veil attracts mostly profiles who are serious about getting married and not messing around. This makes it a lot easier for people like me to discover potential compatible partners from my country and also other countries.”