A catering company has launched an all vegan menu for weddings. We speak to the team from Manchester based 'Coriander'.

The rise of veganism has seen many supermarkets and restaurants adapt popular foods to cater for vegan diners. 

In the past four years the number of vegans in the UK has quadrupled to 600,000, with many more signing up to Veganuary.

Coriander in Manchester say they are the first Asian caterers in the UK to offer an all vegan menu and have even catered at a fully vegan Asian wedding.

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Deepika Sahni: 'We think our new vegan menu will surprise everyone'

Managing director of the Coriander Group Deepika Sahni tells us why veganism is becoming more mainstream. 

She said, “I think it’s great that the industry is developing and evolving for vegans.

“Our new Vegan Menu has been inspired by how much of a trend becoming vegan has become. Being vegan has become a lifestyle for so many people which we have embraced. Everyone can enjoy vegan food. 

“We think our new vegan menu will surprise everyone. It gives so much choice and most importantly the flavours are there. I think people have this idea that vegan food can be boring and bland – we want to change that outlook.”

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With dishes ranging from ‘Daal Chawal Arancini,’ an Indian twist on the Italian Arancini to ‘Patatas Bravas Indian Style,’ Spanish styled sautéed potatoes with Indian masala, the vegan menu promises a sumptuous variety. 

Deepika revealed how they have adapted their menu to facilitate those dedicated to plant-based lifestyles. “We pride ourselves on variation, we want everyone to be able to taste our food.

“We are always looking for ways to develop our recipes. Some are traditional but we like to add our own Coriander twist on them to make them our own. We have very creative chefs, one is my father, Lalit Sodhi.

"He’s the Executive Chef here at Coriander. He has been trained in all the best restaurants in India. We are very lucky to have his talent and knowledge.

“Many of our staff are seasoned professionals and have been in the Event and Catering business for over 25 years with experience ranging from cooking for celebrities and politicians to designing decor for footballers.”

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Lalit Sodhi

Coriander Group travel throughout the globe to cater for destination weddings. Deepika spoke about why many couples are increasingly choosing to have a two or three-day wedding.

“Destination Weddings are particularly popular, especially Italy. We have travelled to many countries including Turkey.

“Couples want their wedding to be a reflection of their values and a creative experience that will ‘wow’ their guests with distinctive touches that will make the wedding truly feel their own. 
“We have had a very unique request from a client who wanted live peacocks as a table decoration, yes peacocks! Unfortunately, we had to decline!

“Our first vegan wedding was wonderful. We received so many compliments and they really appreciated our food, both the vegan and non- vegan guests! They even came into the kitchen to thank us. That was such a great feeling. 

“Afterwards, the bride has said that she has continued to have feedback that it was the ‘best wedding food ever.’