Students at the University of Dundee took part in one of the biggest Holi celebrations ever to take place at a Scottish university.

The celebration, which saw more than 300 students, staff and members of the public take part, was the largest event of its kind to be held in Dundee.

Holi usually takes place later in March in India, however, in order to fully celebrate their festival ahead of exams, the students planned to host the event earlier.

Nitya Nair, a second-year Medicine student originally from Kerala in the south of India, said, “Holi makes me feel way more at home here. It gave me such a great sense of comfort when I first came to Scotland to see that students still celebrate it here.

“Holi is such a happy, homely festival for everyone to enjoy and we felt privileged to share that feeling with everyone in Dundee.”

Mandar Tamhane, from Mumbai, now a second-year Computing student said he was thrilled to help bring this year’s celebrations to life as he had seen previous videos of Holi in Dundee online whilst applying to University.

He said, “Seeing that the University of Dundee encourages its students to colour campus for Holi on such a big scale was really surprising. I was delighted to see it happen because not a lot of universities do it.

“Holi which signifies the triumph of good over evil, correlating with the passing of winter and it promotes inclusion and togetherness between people of all backgrounds. Eventually, everyone begins to appear as one, all part of this vibrant spectrum of colour. It was beautiful to see this first-hand in Scotland.”

Dundee has become a popular destination for Indian students, offering high-quality courses in medicine, dentistry, life sciences, art and design as well as business and law.