Little Badman and the Invasion of the Killer Aunties is a hilarious, action packed novel from writers Humza Arshad and Henry White

The story follows a young Pakistani boy called Humza Khan who dreams of becoming a rapper.

However, these ambitious dreams are cut short when suspicious Asian aunties (who want to fatten all the school children up!) begin to replace his primary school teachers.

Humza realises that the power he needs to put a stop to these evil aunties’ master plans is already within himself.

This novel offers a perspective very rare, when it comes to children’s books, giving Asian children and all children alike the chance to witness representation or be represented.

This incredibly funny book is a must for children aged 9-12 (and the young at heart!)

Reviewed by Maariya Kharolia, Aged 15

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Little Badman and the Invasion of the Killer Aunties is a book full of creativity, humour, mystery, delicious Asian food and bees. Honestly what more could anyone ask for?

As well as being entertaining it also teaches us to value the people around us and appreciate our elders as we can sometimes over look them.

If I was to describe the book in one word I would say it is ‘astonishing’ and the only thing I do wish there were more books like this.

Reviewed by Lina, aged 14

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I was very intrigued when I heard Humza Arshad was writing a book. As a fan of his YouTube channel I expected something unusual.

‘Little Badman and the Invasion of the Killer Aunties’ is the tale of a young aspiring rapper (Humza Khan) who’s primary school teachers disappear leaving aunties in their place.

The story is perfect for 8-12 year olds but also great for people like me, who grew up fans of Humza’s work.

The story is well written and the illustrations were particularly funny. It is one of the few stories that may connect with young Asian children through the exploits of the main character.

The book also contains a few familiar faces who have appeared in Humza’s YouTube videos such as Umar my favourite character and it is good to see that the writer keeps you laughing all the way to the end. A great first book.

Reviewed by Hanna Khan, Aged 15

Little Badman and the Invasion of the Killer Aunties by Humza Arshad and Henry White with illustrations from Aleksei Bitskoff is available in Puffin paperback, ebook and audiobook