Some might say it is easy to blame the wider media for their portrayal of Muslims and minorities when terrorist attacks like the one in New Zealand occur.

We explore the role of the shooters background, how the gunman was brought up and whether social media played a part in this role. We try to find out who and what inspires a person to commit mass murder.

Yet, one of the most notable reasons is staring us all in the face. We have mainstream media organisations, politicians, right-wing media personalities who have normalised hatred of Muslims and Islam. They have drip fed their populations with ‘news stories’ and soundbites that have been published for no other reason than to demonise minorities.

They have employed writers and columnists who in turn have ensured it is almost impossible not to get swept away in this fear of Muslims.

Shockingly, these views become so normalised you have second and third generation immigrants supporting that very narrative. When you persuade an immigrant to look at other immigrants as a threat then you have helped to ingrain these fears into the national psyche.

Without a doubt there are media organisations who will look to challenge these ideas.

However, the largest and most read publications in the UK, popular radio talk shows and some of the most popular TV news channels in the US peddle the same message.

Muslims are different. Islam is not compatible with ‘our’ way of life, they are a violent breed of people and we as a society should not have to bend over backwards to accommodate their every whim.

This dedicated tactic has helped to perpetuate a false myth that has led to Muslims and Islam being viewed as an apparent and real threat.

Yet, we know they do this. We know they post articles that are clearly there for the sole reason of ensuring readers are suspicious of Muslims. These are well respected national titles with journalists who have a pre-defined view of what Muslims are.

All this is accepted and actually rewarded at self-congratulating award ceremonies.

Those media organisations will not to print anything that does not spread this false narrative because to do this would be an admittance that one was wrong. The media has never been good at taking a long hard look at their own actions because they sense they are not to blame one iota when such incidents take place.

One is not talking of some conspiracy here. The facts are there in plain sight for us all to see.

They will claim that they are reporting this the same way as they would a terrorist attack undertaken by a Muslim but come two weeks can be sure to see another feature on how some Muslim or black person committed the crime due his religion or colour.

This will be repeated again and again because these media organisations are still very much paying lip service to actual diversity in their organisations. Whilst the world and society has moved on many editorials still hanker for a return to a time when Britain was an imperial power.

The only minorities who will see their work produced or published are those who are willing to back the editorial guidelines.

None of this is likely to change any time soon. To do so would mean to confess that one has played a role in helping the common person to view others as a threat. And that is something nobody, not senior editors, not producers and not journalists wish to acknowledge.