A family firm producing smart home security products has added 'Oscar 2' a new Alexa compatible outdoor security camera to its line-up.

Time2, which manufactures and retails advanced home security technology, has grabbed market share with its Clan range despite fierce competition from the likes of Nest by Google, Ring by Amazon and Hive by British Gas.

Its latest innovation the Oscar 2 is a security camera which records in high definition and is designed for outdoor use with instant alerts activated by sound or motion. 

Two-way audio enables users to speak through their cameras to greet guests and warn off intruders, and the system seamlessly links with Amazon’s Alexa to stream live to your TV or Amazon Echo device.

It is the latest addition to Time2’s Clan range, which was launched in November 2018 without the backing of billion-dollar global enterprises. 

The wider Clan intelligent home security range has been developed in partnership with global tech giant Tuya Inc. 

It also includes indoor cameras Sophia and Olivia, as well as smart lights and smart sockets which can be monitored and controlled remotely from anywhere in the world. 

They can be activated and deactivated based on light levels or time of day. New products planned for this year include a video doorbell, and a fully featured wireless home alarm system. 

Kam Kothia, CEO of Time2, said: “We are thrilled with the reception to our Clan range so far and we are excited to be expanding the range of products further.  

"Competing alongside household names such as Amazon and Google can be quite daunting, but we are proving that, with high quality products and sensible prices, a small family firm from Blackburn, Lancashire, is able to make home security accessible to more people”

Oscar 2 officially launched on March 13.