Plans are in place for a new scheme to help stamp out prejudice and discrimination in West Dunbartonshire’s schools.

An award to recognise efforts made by schools to promote inclusion and diversity has been developed by young people, supported by the Action for Children charity.

The Inclusion and Diversity Charter Mark will be piloted in Edinburgh before being rolled out across our area.

It will help schools examine policy, practice and legal obligations on equality for all young people and the charity has created equality indicators for schools so they can mark progress towards recognition.

Pupils will be encouraged to share experiences with each other and help teach the next generation of youngsters to reject prejudice and discrimination.

MSP Anas Sarwar said: “Together, we can build a Scotland free of prejudice.”

Paul Carberry, director of Action for Children Scotland, added: “We are very proud to be launching the Inclusion and Diversity Charter Mark.

“We believe this pupil-led award will encourage schools to further develop social justice and inclusion for Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) young people while promoting equality and anti-racist education.

“Furthermore, it will demonstrate to all BAME young people that their school includes and supports them to identify their rights and provides understanding and support to their individual needs.”

“Our vision is for schools across Scotland to achieve accreditation against the Inclusion and Diversity Charter Mark for their commitment to promoting the inclusion and identity of all young people.”