Members of a Mosque have been raising money to help those affected by the water shortage in Pakistan.

The management committee at the Ghausia Rizvia Jamia Masjid and Islamic Centre in Accrington, have been fundraising in the community and collecting money from the Mosque congregation, for the last three months.

And in that time they've managed to amass more than £7,000.

General Secretary at the Mosque, Kamran Mahmood, said: "We have been fundraising to a build a new dam in the Mohmand District of Pakistan because of the short supply of water over there.

"We've been collecting for the last three months and altogether the community has raised £7,030.

"We sent the money to the Mohmand Dams Fund on Wednesday and once the dam is built it will hopefully produce 4,500 megawatts of electricity for the area through Hydro Power, which will help provide clean water and electricity for people.

"It's a great achievement for our community as it shows how people can band together and have their efforts recognised."