Standing together uniting all colours and creeds or are we falling down like spiralling dominos?

Being brainwashed, manipulated groomed by the fast selling social media.

Mental health is such a tragedy not feeling remorse, unfortunately unabling us to distinguish between right and wrong. Unable to make moral sane decisions aged 15.

Some children or young adults are being groomed in such a vicious way . Some being forced into cars, lured into ‘being bought, pimped out’ into the cold calculus world.

Brainwashed in boarding flights and running away from the forced marriage barriers. Unsupportive families, friends and loved ones.

The social media especially Twitter such a vicious place to be in voicing cruel, insensitive opinions of others’ unfortunate situations.

Mental health is being shunned especially within the Asian community. A taboo subject that should not be touched in any way form or shape. Like it’s a shameful, undignified and ‘elephant in the room’ subject.

We need to re-educate ourselves and others’, and look within the untouched topic.

We at some point in our life must have suffered mental health whether in secrecy or  with loved ones. One must remember  it is a silent a deadly killer.

Unseen, unheard and neglected  like a child in poverty. Fighting for our restless souls, like scavenging food on a rubbish tip. Waiting for the truck, overhauling us, crushing  us like ants on endangered  colony.

I am an freelance writer. I have been expressing my poems on Instagram for two years as a hobby
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