A HOUSEHOLDER has expressed his anger after a gang of youths tried to batter their way into his home in broad daylight.

The youths, who wore balaclavas, armed themselves with crowbars in an attempt to break down the front door of his Little Horton home on Sunday afternoon.

Mohammad Raziq said he had a panic attack as he stood next to the front door trying to stop the raiders getting in.

The men kicked the door panels and then used weapons to break the PVC structure but the panels did not give way completely.

Mr Raziq’s semi-detached house at the end of the Ransdale Drive cul-de-sac was targeted at about 3pm by four youths, who he believed were white and 16 to 17 years of age.

He heard that two other homes nearby were raided on the same day, one a relative’s directly after his incident.

He said he wanted other people to made aware that raiders could strike at any time.

He said: “It happened in broad daylight.

“It’s very terrible in this day and age.

“Do you have to be on your guard for 24 hours?

“It was very scary, believe me.”

He said it was frightening the gang would try and raid a house in the middle of a Sunday afternoon when all the neighbours were around.

He said one of the gang went to the front door and asked if someone called Mike was there but he thought that was just a gimmick to know if an Asian family was home. “They thought my wife was alone.”

He said three of raiders had crept round the side to the house to the back but when he saw them from a window and indicated that they should leave, that was when they tried breaking down the front door.

The father of four children, whose ages go from eight to 20s, said his eldest child was upstairs asleep but his younger children were downstairs.

He told them: “Stay there and leave it to me. I was worried that they would go around the back and try and get in there.”

He said the gang left his house to go to a relative’s in Dickens Street where they walked into the conservatory bearing kitchen knives.

They asked the family for their money and mobiles but they were chased out. They threw something at the elderly householder, hitting him near his eye.

Mr Raziq’s terrifying ordeal was caught on a neighbour’s CCTV system.

It shows a black Audi A6 saloon backing up to the driveway of the family home.

Three figures dressed all in black then emerge from the car one by one and run, crouched down, go round the side of the house.

After the car is parked, a fourth figure then walks up to the front door but after he is turned away the other return to pick up their weapons, among which Mr Raziq believes were crowbars and sledgehammers.

They then proceeded to try and kick and batter the front door down but then left without taking anything.

Mr Tariq said: “What’s the line of defence. What are you supposed to do.

“I want to make people aware.”

A spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police said the crime had been recorded as an attempted burglary but could not give any further details.